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ESTD. 1922
Al-Haj. Desamanya Dr. M.C.M. Kaleel went on to recall, “I remember the inauguration was at your former premises at  Rifle Green where I had to cut a ribbon wrapped round a big wooden till. Mr. Zahiere Lye, the then President of the  Malay Association calling upon me to inaugurate the RUPEE FUND by cutting the ribbon and dropping a coin. A large  gathering of Malays were present and all of them came forward and made their initial contributions. It was an occasion  which I very well remember”.  Al-Haj. Desamanya Dr. Kaleel said that he first met Mrs. Mashmoon Lye at a function at the Ward Place residence of  her father, the late Mr. M.K. Saldin, first member of the State Council. He recalled that he also met at this function other  Senior Malays like Justice M.T. Akbar, T.B. Jayah and Zahiere Lye himself.  Referring to Mrs. Mashmoon Lye, Dr. Kaleel said, “She was a kindly lady, soft spoken but beaming with ideas to give  the poor a better life. She worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of the less privileged. She was greatly touched by  the suffering of those in shanty dwellings and took interest to look into their welfare”.  Commenting on the activities of the SLMA Rupee Fund, Dr. Kaleel said that “She established a Milk Feeding Centre to  cater to the needs of the malnourished children – they came for their glass of milk every morning. She arranged to  distribute rice and cloth to thousands of poor during the month of Ramazan. She also established a handloom weaving  training centre to give the poor girls an opportunity to earn a living.”  He stressed that the SLMA Rupee Fund gave assistance of various other forms throughout these years uninterruptedly  to those in need. But, the most rewarding programme started in 1959 was the Scholarship Scheme for talented  students which helped several of them to pass out as doctors, engineers, agriculturists, architects and others to bring  credit to the community emphasized Dr. Kaleel.  He concluded by saying that he was sure that Mr. M.H. Amit, M.P. who was present at the special meeting would  extend whatever support and help he can in the efforts of the SLMA Rupee Fund.  Much water has flowed down the Beira Lake since the ACMA Rupee Fund was inaugurated in 1953. The Rupee Fund  has gone from strength to strength by the Grace of Almighty Allah.  Forty years of service is no mean achievement. With your co-operation and assistance, it will be possible for us and  those who take over from us to continue to serve the needy, the downtrodden and the underprivileged, with love and  dedication. Insha Allah.  Late Mr. S.B.C. Halaldheen Attorney-at-law Colombo Correspondence for Lake House