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ESTD. 1922
Annual Planing Meeting
PADANG CELEBRATES GOLDEN JUBILEE 1960 - 2010  The Golden Jubilee of the Padang, home to the Colombo Malay Cricket Club (CMCC) and the Sri Lanka Malay Association  (SLMA) fell in the month of September 2010. To commemorate this historic occasion befitting it’s cherished history,  elaborate arrangements have been made to conduct an invitation Cricket Sixes Tournament, a Hockey Invitation Sevens  Tournament amongst clubs of the Colombo Hockey Association, a Net Ball Tournament, an exhibition Sepak Takraw match,  Kite flying show associated with Malay culture culminating on 17th October 2010 with a grand awards and felicitation  ceremony interspersed with a cultural pageant.  Situated down Jalan Padang off Kew Road Colombo 02, the Padang is a historic site with an interesting heritage dating  back to the 17th century.  A modern two-storied pavilion overlooking a well manicured cricket grounds bears testimony to the  aspirations of the small Malay community that proudly upholds the Padang today. Conveniently located for those living over  the Keleniya Bridge and to those in the South of Colombo, this venue has provided yeoman service to all denominations  and communities in the past fifty years. It has served the sporting fraternity, schools, various government and private sector  institutions besides the Malay community at large. With the Padang itself having undergone transformations in keeping  abreast of the times, many sports bodies including Sri Lanka Cricket, Colombo District Cricket Association, Schools’ Cricket  Association, Colombo Hockey Association, Mercantile Hockey Association, Colombo Schools’ Hockey Association and Net  Ball Association have conducted their tournaments here. Besides, members of the CMCC have and continue to serve in  various capacities in the administration of some of these sports bodies. Also, in serving the community, the Padang has  been the venue of many Rallies where Malays from all parts of the country come together in brotherhood to ensure the  propagation of their culture and tradition.   Third September 1960 was a red letter day in the history of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club with the birth of the Padang.  None less a personage than the first citizen of the country at the time, the Governor General of Ceylon (as Sri Lanka was  then known) Sir Oliver Goonetilleke was at hand to cut the ribbon and ceremonially declare open the pavilion of the CMCC.  The occasion marked a long awaited  dream of the members of the Club after their sad separation from their original “home”  at Rifle Green along Parsons Road (now Sir Chittampalam Gardiner Mawatha) in 1956.   Rifle Green, was the old parade ground of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment of Malays comprising soldiers from Java, but with  British Officers heading the commands. The close association of the Malay soldiers with the Brit officers exposed the former  to the very British game of cricket, which gave rise to a historic encounter on 23rd March 1872 between an All-Malay team  fielded by the Rifle Regiment and a British Regimental side.  As a consequence, the British Government, with disbandment  of the regiment in the horizon the following year, gifted the Malay cricketers the Northern end of the Parade Grounds at  Slave Island which led to the founding of the Malay Cricket Club (now the Colombo Malay Cricket Club) in 1872 thus  becoming the first Ceylonese cricket club. The gallant Malay cricketers backed by an equally enthusiastic community went  from strength to strength and in 1892, the Malay Cricket Club became the first team to beat the indomitable Colts Cricket  Club which was monopolized by the Europeans at that time, in a historic match at the Rifle Green. In later years, the Malay  Club cricketers added finesse to their play and in 1920 became Ceylon Club Champions