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ESTD. 1922
Annual Planing Meeting
The Golden Jubilee of the Padang stands as a milestone in the history of this 139-year old club – a monumental icon of the  Malays. The club has in its early decades been a key driver in Ceylon cricket having produced, in S S Hassen, the first  Ceylonese cricketer to represent the All Ceylon Team in 1894 against the Strait Settlements. Since then, there have been  many CMCC cricketers representing the All Ceylon side at different times. In 1914,  A C Amath the then CMCC captain, was  selected to lead the All Ceylon Team. Some other highlights of the CMCC are    pioneers in organizing tours abroad. In 1907 it became the first Ceylonese club to embark on a cricket tour overseas  which feat they emulated in  1916 and 1946    founder member club that formed the All Ceylon Cricket Association set up in 1922, the country’s first centralized  cricket administration     in 1948 hosted at its premises inauguration of the historic formation of the controlling body of cricket in the country –  the Ceylon Cricket Board. In 1965 the Ceylon Cricket Association and the Ceylon Cricket Board merged giving rise  to the Board of Control for Cricket in Ceylon maintaining its status quo of a controlling club.   The club also participated in Hockey and Football as far back as 1909. Sadly, with the passion towards cricket being the  mainstay, these sports gradually paled into insignificance. However, the 1920s saw a resurgence in the hockey arena and  the dying embers were once again re-ignited in 1963 with the CMCC winning the Pioneer Shield and Bacon Cup  tournaments of the Colombo Hockey Association in 1966 and the Pioneer Cup in 1971. To this day hockey continues to be  a major activity in the Club’s sporting calendar with many players going on to gain national representation. The CMCC also  has the distinction of being the first club to send a hockey team on an overseas tour to play in a tournament in Kovilpatti,  India in 1971.  For a small community, much less in 1922 and which stood at 15,000, far-sighted members of the club felt that wielding the  willow alone would not suffice and that there were important and pressing needs of the community which deserved urgent  attention. They thus initiated formation of the All Ceylon Malay Association (now the Sri Lanka Malay Association - SLMA),  the oldest Malay association in the country to cater to the social, cultural, and religious needs of the community.  Spearheading this move were well known personalities such as the late Dr T B Jayah, with the inaugural President being  the President of the CMCC, the late M K Saldin. The first Malay Rally organized by the SLMA and CMCC was in 1952 at the  Rifle Green. The SLMA carries out many charitable and social projects helping the underprivileged and also indulges in  cultural projects in training the younger generation. In 1953 the SLMA social services committee under the stewardship of  the late Mashmoon Lye launched a special project called the SLMA Rupee Fund collecting a rupee from a member for a  special social service project. From humble beginnings, this organization has today grown into a vibrant institution offering  scholarships to the needy, carrying-on a pre-school for children, conducting free English classes, vocational training classes  and various projects for the underprivileged of the area. In 1956, the Rupee Fund gained recognition from the Government  and was accepted as an approved charity. The SLMA Rupee Fund now has its own premises to carry out its charitable  projects