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ESTD. 1922
Formation of The Sri Lanka Malay Association.
It was on  Sunday, 22 nd. January  1922 that a  Mass Meeting of Ceylon Malays was held the Wekanda School Hall,  Slave Island for the purpose of forming an All Ceylon Malay Association  (a non political organization). Mr.T.B.Jayah  was elected Chairman protem.  The meeting was called for the express purpose of fostering the cultural and religious principles of the community. In  matters of politics they sought to rise above communal, racial and religious considerations.  It was fervent hope of the  promoters to deal with questions that vitally affected the social, educational and moral welfare of the Malays of Ceylon.  They wanted to see that every Malay got the opportunity to which he was entitled to and given facilities for studies and  improvement. It was deplorable that the Malays had little knowledge of the great past of their race, of the great  civilization that they were heir.  At the meting it was resolved that the The All Ceylon Malay Association be formed with the members of the Colombo  Malay Cricket Club, the Muslim Progressive Union and  other Malays who were present at the inaugural meeting as the  founder members.    The aims and objects of the Association were:-  a) the fostering of a spirit of unity among the members and the wide spread dissemination of such progressives  ideas as are consistent with the teachings of Islam  b) the achievement of national ideals  c) the promotion of social and intellectual welfare of the community.  His Highness Sultan of Johore was elected the Patron and Mr. M.K.Saldin  the President   . The first Annual General Meeting was held on 28th.January, 1923 under canvas in Rifle Green, Parsons Road (now  SirGardinaer Mawatha,) Slave Island, .at which the President Mr.M.K.Saldin presided.  The Association formed the  following Departments to be responsible  for their activities:  1)The Athletic Department comprising  the Colombo Malay Cricket Club ,which was in existence for 50 years, was  amalgamated with the Association. Its activities were Cricket, Football and Hockey.  2) The Literary Department comprising the Muslim Progressive Union   3) The Social Service Department and   4) The Religious Department.  The number of members on roll was 302.  The All Ceylon Malay Association now called Sri Lanka Malay Association continues its pioneering and fostering role  related to the general and special interests of the Malay community and nation.