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The  led a delegation of Muslim leaders to Whitehall demanding reforms to the Donoughmore Constitution to enable a  reasonable number of Muslims to be returned  to the House of Representatives ( p 25, Amit: A Tale of Two Eras )  Finally, it redounds to the credit of the Malay Political Association that its valiant efforts to espouse the case for Malay  representation culminated in the following securing appointment as nominated members in the legislature:-           Mr M.K Saldin                 1931 – 1936,           Dr T.B.Jayah *                 1936 – 1956.           Dr M.P.Drahaman            1956 - 1960           Mr B.Zahiere Lye             1960 - 1965  * In 1936, Dr Jayah had been nominated to the State Council to represent the Muslim community, particularly the Malay  community, since no Malay was elected to the State Council at the general election held in 1936 (p23 Ibid )  In the Legislative Council under Governor Manning, Dr Jayah represented the   educated Muslims throughout the island from  1924 to 1931 (p175, Jaldin: Dr  T.B.Jayah )      :         After the end of the Second World War, the Soulbury Commission was appointed in 1944 to make recommendations for the grant  of independence from British rule and the establishment of a parliamentary system of government .The Commission comprised   Lord  Soulbury (Chairman), J.F.Rees, (Vice-Chancellor, University of Wales) and F.J Burroughs ( President, National Union of  Railwaymen)  The following political parties gave evidence before the Commission:  Ceylon Muslim League led by Dr T.B.Jayah,  All Ceylon Muslim Political Conference led by Sir Mohamed Macan Markar,  All Ceylon Malay Congress led by Dr M.P.Drahaman,  Malay League led by T.K.Burah.   ( pp 271 & 277, Jaldin: Dr T.B.Jayah )  In 1965, for the first time since independence, the Malays lost representation in the House of Representatives ( p 49, Amit: A Tale  of Two Eras ). Instead, M.D Kitchilan was appointed to the Senate after protests were made. M.H.Amit, from the UNP National  List, was appointed to Parliament after the general elections of 1989. To make way for Gamini Dissanaike to re-enter Parliament,  he resigned his seat in 1994 ( p 40, Sourjah: Sri Lankan Malay Heritage in Brief & p p 49 & 66, Amit: A Tale of Two Eras ).  Let us not forget the great services rendered to the community by our forefathers and may Allah forgive their shortcomings and  reward their efforts with the Supreme Blessings of Jennat ul Firdhouse!  Note:  This article has been prepared mainly from information gathered from newspaper cuttings of Mr J.A.Cuttilan preserved by  her grand-daughter, Mrs Pramy Sabar  M.H.Sourjah  17th, June, 2008
ESTD. 1922
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