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‘Extract Wajeh Selong Q4 2009 ’                                                        ACMA/SLMA FOUNDERS DAY -  JAN 2010  January 22nd will always be remembered,  the day the Malay’s of Sri Lanka came together to objectively look at the future of its  community. In 1922 some key figures of the community came out on that day to give leadership during times of change.  Representatives from the public, private sector and civil society of this small community scattered in different parts of the  island gathered at the  Wekande School Hall Slave Island to form a body for the community and established  the All Ceylon  Malay Association. The Malay population then stood at 15,000. The members of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club (CMCC)was  also instrumental in the formation of this association, a Malay institution being in the lime light at that time exploiting the willow.  This would also coincide with the Jubilee year of the CMCC, being the oldest of the Malay institutions in the country. Therefore  it’s First President being the incumbent President of the CMCC.  Since then many Malay institutions were formed spreading  across the country along with the growing Malay population which stands at 50,000 today.   This driving force to establish the Malay identity in the country and with independence in the horizon resulted in four  Presidents of the institution being nominated to the Legislature between the years 1931 – 1965.   On the 22nd January 2010 the General Council of the SLMA decided that it was time the effort and cause of the elders who  came together that day for the sake of the future generation, should be recognized and be always remembered and so the  Founders Day was born to mark this event in their memory. Insha Allah this day will now be observed every year to encourage  and motivate our Saudara’s and Saudari’s to take the institution to the next generation. Some key items took place at the event  with the placing of the portrait of the Founder President Sdr MK Saldin in the Padang Auditorium and the presentation of  plaques of recognition to the past Presidents of the SLMA for guiding the institution. A special plaque of appreciation was  presented to the Treasurer Sdr Thaj Lantra for his continuous dedicated and loyal service as Treasurer of the SLMA and  CMCC for ten consecutive years, from 1999 to 2010.   We are now glad and sure that the foresight of our founder members has been realized with the formation of many Malay  Associations across the country ensuring the Malay presence felt of this comparatively small but robust community.  May  ALLAH SWT bless their souls and grant them Jennathul Firdous.              The Architects of the renovated Padang Complex and the Jubilee year of the Padang  The Padang has experienced many moments in its history with Five decades passing by since. Continuing on the patriotism of  the founders, the committees in the 1955-1960 eras pursued on the vision to regain a home ground for the Malays and was  successful in 1960 in securing the Padang, Al Hamdulilla. The subsequent committees led by President Sdr Zahier Lye did not  stop on this perseverance and transformed the site into a modern Cricket ground with the building of a new pavilion.  Continuing on this perseverance 35 years later the committee’s in 1994 led by Sdr BMN Jurangpathy transformed the pavilion  into a two storied complex which now stands tall and handsome to match and meet the needs of the current times. This is  today an iconic site for the Malays in Sri Lanka.  In appreciation of the effort that went to redevelop the Padang Complex the architects instrumental in the re-development of  the Padang complex were recognized at the Founders Day event with the placing of a special plaque by President Sdr Iqram  Cuttilan developed to remember these milestones. The occasion was an emotional one with Vice Patrons and Past Presidents  and Vice  Patron Sdr Thaliph Iyne touching on our glorious history and Patron Xerxes Sabar going down memory lane with  appreciations by Sdr BMN Jurangpathy and Sdr BDK Saldin and the recitation of Quirath and Salawath by Al Haj Harry  Sourjah  to conclude the memorable occasion. It was an appropriate event to coincide with the Jubilee year of the Padang. 
ESTD. 1922
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