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An Excerpt from the “Star of Islam” of 16th December 1939, a cultural Weekly. – ‘ Jawatte Muslim Burial Ground Trust  Association .’  The steadfastness of our Saudaras for the Muslims of Sri Lanka  Jawatte Muslim Burial Ground and Mosque   Mass Meeting  A Mass meeting of all representatives interested in the above burial ground and mosque was held on Sunday the 10th instant, with Mr. T.B.  Jayah, B.A., M.S.C., in the chair and Mr. T.Y Amath as secretary pro-tem for the purpose of taking the necessary steps of managing the above  burial ground and mosque.  The meeting was the result of a prosecution launched by the Municipality of Colombo against Mr. M.B. Uduman one of the  trustees for not putting up a boundary wall around the burial ground.  After the preliminaries and the Quranic recital and Fathiha, Mr. T.B. Jaya as Chairman, addressed the gathering at length and stated that in  one way it was a fortunate thing that Mr. Uduman was prosecuted, because owing to his conviction he had to appeal to the Muslim public to  help him out of this difficulty. If he had only done this earlier and consulted the Muslim public when he appointed his co-Trustees, who have  now left him in the lurch none of this trouble would have arisen. He also pointed out that this was not a matter which only affected the Muslims  of Slave Island and Colpetty, but Muslims all over the island, owing to the legal question involved in the prosecution. The large number of  Muslims present here shows that the Muslims were determined to fight to the bitter end and unite themselves in doing a service. It was  gratifying to have an eminent person like Mr. Akbar around them and his assurance that he will bring to bear all his experience with the help of  all Muslims to safe guard the rights of their burial grounds and mosques. However eminent a person may be success depended upon the  united efforts of all. He further said that he hoped the burial ground association to be formed, will be the central body. He then called upon Mr.  Akbar to move the first resolution. Mr. M.T. Akbar. K.C., Retired Senior Puisne Justice after a lengthy address moved the 1st resolution “that an Association to be called the JAWATTE MUSLIM BURIAL GROUND TRUST ASSOCIATION “ be formed for the purpose of Managing the Burial  Ground and keeping it in a sanitary condition and also collecting subscriptions for building the wall, to repairing the Mosque and putting up one  or two buildings to provide for the future maintenance of the burial ground and mosque. He then outlined the rules drafted by him to give effect  to the proposal. After the secretary read the rules for the information of those present they were provisionally adopted subject to modification by the Executive Committee.  Mr.Maas.J.Majid, editor-in-chief of the “Star of Islam” and the President of the Wekande Jumma Mosque Congregation in moving the 2nd   resolution that the following gentleman viz:-Messrs .M.E.Akbar, M.K.Ssaldin, E.M.Sulaiman, M.I.Othman, Sait Aboobucker Joosuf, W.M.  Hassim, Z.D. Musafer, M.J. Sadar, T.S. Sabar, T.A.E. Pallie, Khateebs B.B.Bahar, M.T.Ameer, M.U.A.Raheem and M.M.Abdul Rahaman be  appointed members of the Advisory Board under the set rules which was carried unanimously, said that he read a French author who said that  the condition of a people could be judged by the state of their burial ground or cemetery. He also said that it was the duty of every Muslim to  help this cause and do everything for the upliftment of the Muslims. Mr.Z.D.Musafer, proctor S.C. after a brief address moved the 3rd resolution that the following viz:-Messrs T.B.S.Ahmath, S.S.Madar T.D.Cuttilan, M.Mohideen, S.A.Yahiya, S.R.Carriem, O.L.A.Majeed, M.S.Ibrahim, K.D.Hameem and A.C.Ousoof being appointed members of the Executive  Committee under the set rules to collect subscriptions and look after the affairs of the Association and Burial ground. Mr.M.B.Uduman moved the 4th resolution that the following viz:- Messrs. M.T.Akbar, T.B.Jayah, Maas J Maajid, Dr.M.P.Drahaman and  Mr.T.Y.Amit be appointed Co-Trustees with himself and Mr. M.S.A. Noordeen the surviving Trustees under the Trust Deed. This was seconded  by M.S.A.Noordeen and carried unanimously. Then Messrs. Uduman and Noordeen as surviving Trustees formally signed a declaration under  the Trust Deed nominating and appointing the above named as Co-Trustees. Mr.S.S.Madar moved and Mr.M.Mohideen seconded that Mr.M.T.Akbar K.C. Retired Senior Puisne Justice to be Hony.  Treasurer of the Association carried unanimously. Mr.M.B.Uduman proposed and Mr.S.A.Carim seconded supported by T.M.D.Junoos that T.Y.Amath to be the Hony. secretary of the said 
ESTD. 1922
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